Updated launch2net on the MacBook

by Volker Weber

Software installation on my new MacBook is almost complete. Today I configured launch2net, which helps you connect your Mac to the Internet via a mobile telephone. While you can do this yourself with some dedication, the correct modem scripts and Internet Connect, launch2net does it all for you. It discovers your phone, your provider, knows about the correct settions for your access point and then lets you connect. I find this very convenient, especially since I am switching phones and SIM cards quite often.


The current version also has one important feature: It will monitor the traffic that goes through this connection. If you have limited data plan, you can see how volume you have already used up. The software can reset the counter on any specific date, so you can see how much volume you have added up in the current and in your last month.

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Danke für den Tipp! Mobile High Speed, auch von Nova Media, hat mit meinem neuen MacBook nämlich nicht mehr funktioniert.

Sebastian Keil, 2006-07-30

Derjenige der mich wegen launch2net kontaktiert hat, bitte noch mal versuchen (und bereit sein, zu erklären, bekomme das Demo nämlich nicht zum laufen...). Danke

Sebastian Keil, 2006-08-07

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