Funny math

by Volker Weber



And I was sure the result would be:

Martin Hiegl, 2006-07-31

Alas, she got it wrong, the limes operator rotates the numbers CLOCKWISE, not COUNTER-CLOCKWISE

Frank-Leonardo Quednau, 2006-07-31

LOL, when I submitted the comment, Martin's had appeared and both comments have the same in mind :)

Frank-Leonardo Quednau, 2006-07-31

That was my initial thinking as well... just about half an hour later.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-07-31

Well, the limes operator does rotate counter-clockwise, because, mathematically speaking, rotation is defined on the unit circle (Einheitskreis).


Hans Martin Kern, 2006-07-31

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