Trackpad no longer hangs

by Volker Weber

Manfred just bought a new MacBook and now he has a lot of questions about Mac OS X. But he also has answers. He has solved the mystery, that some people (like myself) report their trackpad once in a while briefly hangs, while others are unaffected. As it turns out, you just have to disable the "Ignore accidental trackpad input" and all is well. On the iBook I had to use this setting, but on the MacBook I seem to be fine without it.


You are using the two-finger secondary-click trick, though, aren't you? (Just asking because the box is unchecked.)

Stefan Tilkov, 2006-07-31

No, I don't. That requires too much retraining.

Volker Weber, 2006-07-31

Good timing...I was having the same problem! I've also noticed that the mouse button doesn't seem to always respond unless I give it a decent press - can be quite annoying as it doesn't provide a lot of tactile feedback.

OS X is very confusing for those of us living in a Windows world our entire lives...but slowly making some sense of it!

Colin Williams, 2006-07-31

You have to get the convoluted ways of Windows out of your head. Once you do that, things are very easy.

Volker Weber, 2006-07-31

> That requires too much retraining.
No, it doesn't. At least not in a recent study I conducted, using myself as (the one and only) guinea pig. But then, I've been using "sensitive areas" on the touchpad of my iBook all the time, so there wasn't a big change.

Stefan Rubner, 2006-07-31

My biggest challenge thus far with OS X was working out how to copy the URL for your news feed into NetNewsWire!

Apple should build in a nice training video for Windows converts to ease their pain.

Colin Williams, 2006-08-01

Ok, got home from work and unchecked that box and what do you know, my palms must lightly touch the touchpad as I can't use the machine without it checked.

I also notice that if I set "ignore trackpad when mouse is connected" and operate the machine with a USB mouse and then later remove it, the mouse doesn't work without a reboot.


Colin Williams, 2006-08-01

Re: Copying the URL into NetNewsWire. Go into Safari/Preferences/RSS Tab and select NetNewsWire as your Default RSS Reader. Then, when you visit a website, just click on the blue RSS icon in the address bar and you are subscribed.

Retraining from Windows: There are only a few major differences.

Closing windows does not close applications. Exception: Lotus Notes
Ctrl is replaced my Command (clover, apple)
Right-click becomes ctrl-click
No need to "install" applications. Just drag to Applications folder.

Volker Weber, 2006-08-01

Except I'm using Firefox...but otherwise those tips are REALLY appreciated! Cheers! :)

Colin Williams, 2006-08-01

In that case, I have another tip for you. Don't mock around with other applications until you have mastered those which come with the system. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-08-01

I've never got on with any trackpad, I always like the nipple types which I've noticed that Apple don't supply hence why I wouldn't consider this notebook.

Ben Rose, 2006-08-01

@Ben, I too have always had a preference for nipples over trackpads (matron).

However, a couple of years ago I noticed that I was getting really bad pains in my right hand where I was stretching between keys and the nipple in the middle of my StinkPad. I now rarely use the machine like this, and re-trained myself to use a mouse (most of the time) or the optional StinkPad trackpad. It took a little while, but I find now that the trackpad puts less strain on my hand, no more pains.

Ben Poole, 2006-08-01

I was able to switch from the StinkPad trackpoint to the iBook trackpad in no time. The MacBook trackpad is even considerably larger. And compared to the trackpoint both a lot quicker and more precise. Finally it understands more gestures than a trackpoint.

Volker Weber, 2006-08-01

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