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by Volker Weber

Apple publishes three new ads for the Get A Mac campaign.


One, Two and Three – for easy access…

One must note that clip #2 and the folklore it tries to spread about viruses is untrue as far as recent research on OS-specific attack vectors goes.

Cf. Practical OSX Insecurity, presented at Chaos Communication Congress 2004. Especially the technique using debugging hooks to inject code into almost every program that was written in Objective C is not a bug but a system-intrinsic design and cannot be changed ad-hoc or in one of the next releases. There was no change in behaviour of this subsystem since pre-2004, anway.

Macs are just no profitable target for black hats because there are not many of them (at least not so many as the braindead and badly patched PCs out there).

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2006-08-28

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