Domino Worst Practices

by Volker Weber

One of the more interesting and certainly most entertaining presentations during Lotusphere 2006 was "Worst Practices", presented by Paul Mooney and William "Wild Bill" Buchan. You can imagine that IBM was kind of anxious to have a presentation about what can go wrong with Notes and Domino. This is one complicated product, but of course IBM would prefer not to tell. ;-) Anyway, Paul and Bill's session was accepted, and it filled the room twice. A rather large room actually.

I heard the presentation again at EntwicklerCamp, and they are going give an updated version of the Administration Worst Practices Tuesday evening at AdminCamp. The whole idea is, that you can learn from the mistakes of others. This where worst practices become best practices.

At EntwicklerCamp I suggested to Paul that he starts a website so that others can contribute their own mistakes, and they are now starting to appear. Have a look here. Now they can take the whole effort from a presentation to something much bigger.

If you plan to attend the session at the conference, I would advise not to look at all the cases. It is much more fun if you don't know in advance what went wrong.


"Don’t lose Certificate passwords half way through deployment, then just quietly create a new certificate key of the same name and hope no-one spots it...."

marc egart, 2006-09-03

For those of you have never heard Bill speak about the The Worst Practices website, you can on Episode 30 of The Taking Notes podcast which you can download here.

Bruce Elgort, 2006-09-05

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