SonyEricsson P990i

by Volker Weber


Owners of older UIQ devices have been waiting for this a long time. The Register has a review.


And disappointingly, they hate it... Slow, difficult to use, complicated and confusing menus, small resolution screen, buggy and unreliable... Not a great story at all.

I can't help feeling that smart phones are going backwards rather than improving with time. I have just consigned my latest one (an HTC Universal / Orange SPV M5000) to the bin and have gone back to the trusty Nokia Communicator. The M5000 was too slow and cumbersome to cope with the daily grind, and the features that I thought would justify the smartphone I just didnt use enough...

The P990 sounds as if it may be a step too far as well.

Stuart McIntyre, 2006-09-05

Wow, what a disappointing review! I was actually thinking of replacing my P910 with a P990. Some folks in my vicinity switched to the Nokia E70 and E61 and seem to be fairly happy with those devices. So once again, it seems to come down to the choice of sticking with what I have and taking a performance impact or finding replacements for applications which aren't available on a new platform. Fortunately, many apps are available for UIQ and Series60 with only little differences. According to their vendors' promises, that is.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-09-05

Without having read the review, let me tell you that I'm currently playing with a lot of the "top phones" out there - and every time I happily come back to my Treo 650 afterwards. The only smart phone I find "not too bad" at the moment is the E70. The E61 I don't like for quite a lot of reasons, the keyboard leading the list. I might start to like the VPA compact III from Vodafone and even the M600i from SE but they lack a lot of the functions I love with the Treo. So, basically I'm still waiting for a successor to the 650 ;)

Stefan Rubner, 2006-09-05

P990i-what a joke!!! The white papers say it works with Isync-it definitley does not.
Lot's of unhappy P990i/mac users out there with expensive paperweights...
Glad I'm sicking to my Nokia 9300i for now...

robert nobleman, 2006-09-12

I somehow agree to all of the above comments but i would say its not that horrible as it is portrayed (Maybe because I own one).
To Robert nobelman: I use Mac and you are right that it does not sync with the P990i at all but there is a solution for it. There is website called that offers a free online backup to your phone book and calendar. You can also share and import your data through it. It runs perfectly on the Mac.

Grag langston, 2006-10-30

Give the P990 a break. It is very new, and not a lot of s/w yet available. That's what comes with being the first to use UIQ3. I have owned my P990 for 3 weeks now. It is very different from the P900.

But now I am coming to terms with the changes and new O/S, and am pleased with my purchase.

I was dissappointed that none of my P900 software would work, but to date, every supplier has offered big discounts to upgrade. Full marks for that.

Some suppliers are yet to release their UIQ3 versions, but they tell me they are working on that.

Many of the features leave the P900 in the dust.

David Winters, 2006-10-31

Difficult to convince each-other of the potential qualities and real drawbacks of this very new smartphone. Especially with those, like me, who owned and loved their P900, using it intensely with tons of applications. In France, we had to wait for a long looooooong time to get the P990i terminal and expectations level was very high. That's why I felt more than confused when I tried my P990i with the Orange customization. I finally decided yesterday to return it, and change it for a "naked" one, in order to fully benefit from the UIQ3 concepts and to eliminate the customization potential causes for terminal slowness.

But one thing has to be said: this device is also a phone, and to me it's a good one. With the P990i and an HBH-610a bluetooth headset, you can really experience high quality in-motion communications in Paris without having the phone hanging up and with an optimum audio quality for you *and* for the people you're calling. That's a major progress compared to previous P9x0 this is not often mentioned in on-line reviews.


Arnaud Vergnol, 2006-11-15

Hi I have just purchased the P990i and I use a mac. Does anyone know were I can get the software to run the P990i on a mac so I can get emails.

Regards Dennis

Dennis Ronald Fudge, 2007-03-19

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