Using the Oxford Dictionary in Mac OS X

by Volker Weber

Oxford Dictionary Oxford Thesaurus

This feature has been reported widely, but I thought I should also mention it. Mac OS X comes with an Oxford Dictionary, and you can look up words with a shortcut. Just highlight the word and hit Ctrl-Command-D (Crtl-Apple-D on german keyboards). Very neat. Unfortunately it only works in english. There are no other dictionaries included.

What has been less reported is that there is also a Thesaurus.


Hm, not working in Camino. But in Vienna and other apps also. Anybody knows why?

Martin Ballaschk, 2006-09-10

Martin, the feature is only available in in Cocoa NSTextViews. Some applications use textfields from other GUI kits (Carbon, XUL, Swing, etc.).

Timo Stamm, 2006-09-10

Discovered this feature during our mac-affair but wasn't sure if it was a demo product we'd have to pay for later. Just a further thing to add to the extreme value that is OS X.

Colin Williams, 2006-09-10

comes in very handy, indeed. Thanks for updating me, what drink will it be? :-)

Armin Roth, 2006-09-10

On Windows I use WordWeb, seems to work almost exactly the same way and as far as I'm aware in all applications.

Armin Grewe, 2006-09-10

Is there any way to upgrade this application to provide definitions for English(UK) rather than English(US)?

Marc Sassella, 2009-04-28

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