Vista could create 50,000 jobs in Europe

by Volker Weber

In "The Economic Impact of Microsoft Windows Vista," a white paper released on Thursday, IDC analysts emphasized that while Vista will earn Microsoft a great deal of money, far more will be generated by European companies within the Microsoft "ecosystem."

"If you add up all the spending on hardware and software that runs on Microsoft operating systems, as well as all the services around installing and maintaining Microsoft applications and solutions, you quickly come up with a number much bigger than Microsoft's revenues," IDC's John Gantz, Al Gillen and Marcel Warmerdam wrote in the study.

It looks like customers can save a lot of money by not updating to Vista.

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Sure it'll create jobs. In the fields of virus and spyware removal.

Joerg Michael, 2006-09-15

Vowe -- That is my interpretation as well. I responded on the /. article that was posted as follows:

Arg! No. Vista will cost companies 6.5 Billion
by CFD339 (795926) on Friday September 15, @09:58AM (#16113057)

Vista will not CREATE I.T. jobs, it will mean companies need to hire 50,000 more employees to support it. I.T. is a COST CENTER in a company, not a center of profit. A common figure tossed around for the "fully weighted" cost of an I.T. employee (pay + benefits + facilities + management) is $130,000 US. It's just a placeholder, but tends to work for large scale budgeting.

Taking that number and multiplying it by these new jobs which are going to be required to support Vista, and you're draining 6.5 Billion (or "thousand million" for our non U.S. readers) U.S. Dollars.
Notes is like Linux. Secure, Complex, and sometimes ugly.

Andrew Pollack, 2006-09-15

That's creating jobs, isn't it? If they need to hire more works to support it, it's creating jobs. No one said they were going to be returning something to the bottom line of anyone but Microsoft and the people whose jobs get created.

If business is ignorant enough to continue to blindly purchase Microsoft software and drive their costs up, that's their choice. I thought Microsoft was all about productivity, turns out it's really about keeping IT people employed. Wow. shocking admission there.

Let's hope corporations everywhere continue to remain the dumb asses they already are!

Jon Johnston, 2006-09-15

Linux isn't the solution because Microsoft products have a better ROI. Buy Vista.

Philipp Sury, 2006-09-15

Microsoft products have a better ROI
For MS, right? :-)

Gregg Eldred, 2006-09-15

@Andrew - LOVE the tagline! :)

Colin Williams, 2006-09-17

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