Notes beta for Macintosh coming soon, misses the 7.0.2 boat

by Volker Weber

IBM wants to release a (public) beta of the Mac Notes client by the end of next week. That would coincide with the full release of the 7.0.2 version. As expected, the Mac version is not going to make it into this release. From what I hear, it still needs a lot of work.


It sounds like they're catching up, but not quite there yet. They definately started from way behind, but from what I hear the commitment is to making this client for mac a stable, useable, full brother to the versions for any other platform; not the red-headed stepchild it has been for years.

Andrew Pollack, 2006-09-24

It would probably help if more companies (not just IBM), actually had some Macs in their test labs.

The announcement of 7.0.2 shouted to me that IBM had finally bought a Mac. I guess they just need to pick up a couple more :o)

Ben Poole, 2006-09-24

I can tell you that there are some companies that have purchased Macs for their test labs in anticipation of the release of a beta 7.0.2 Notes client. Those Macs are currently under-utilized.

Richard Schwartz, 2006-09-24

A few years ago I bought a Mac. It was an "eMac" -- at the time it was a fairly nice machine. A G4 with a 17" tube screen and a gig of ram.

I found it very uncomfortable to use. I liked a few things about it, but mostly didn't really find it very impressive. It now sits in the living room and the kids play web-based games on it. On rare occasion I use it to test web pages with various crappy mac browsers and firefox. Nearly every time I log on to it I have to sit through 20 minutes of updates.

I did a side by side comparison with a PC of equal cost using Adobe Photoshop on a complex task. I found it absolutely no faster or better in any way. The days of Mac being better than PC's for graphics have long since passed.

When the Mac notes client comes out, I'll force myself to try it out again and see if I can tolerate it.

Andrew Pollack, 2006-09-24

Andrew, we admire your bravery.

Volker Weber, 2006-09-24

Can we assume the beta will be Universal? I do hope so, as if it is I will be running it as soon as its released.

Andy Mell, 2006-09-24

Yes, we can assume that.

Volker Weber, 2006-09-24

I would really like to test the Mac 7.0.2 code and would give feedback as well. Why not a extended Managed Beta program for the mac platform?

Cheers marco

marco foellmer, 2006-09-24

Since the Notes client still represents an ugly mess when compared to mainstream Mac applications, I'd not dare to release it, too ;-)

Now, seriously, compare the cluttered Notes UI, having so many non-obvious ways to do the same thing, to some sleek and well-thought-out Mac apps. Think Pages. Or Keynote. Or Picasa. (Waitwaitwait... Picasa is a Windows/Linux app, but comes pretty close to the Mac experience)

When working with Notes on my Desktop PC at work, having my Powerbook sitting at the left beside the PC screen, several things come to my mind, repeatedly:

- the UI should be simple but powerful
- there should be one – and preferrably only one – obvious way to do a thing
- no double-nesting of menus
- no double-nesting of user's thoughts
- make it easy for the user to follow his workflow in the application – not nice-versa
- no modal dialogs
- no modal dialogs
- stay out of the user's way – he's the boss and you are "just" providing the tool for him

The 1980's philosophy of software development was some kind of "make it work (in a technical sense)". The 200X paradigm sounds more like "improve the user's experience by making your software a pleasing and enabling experience for him".

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2006-09-25

I think that is a pretty broad statement, and as such, misses the topic.

I do not expect a revolution. The only thing I expect is that IBM lives up to their commitment to release a full Notes client on par with the Windows version with 7.0.2. It does not have to be any better, and it does not have to be like other Mac applications. I consider a stable, working Notes client a full success.

Volker Weber, 2006-09-25

I confirm on Volker’s last statement, that he, we and myself are only considering a stable working notes client for our Macs and the faster the better. Its cute working under Parallels or other VM-Software, but just jumping up to notes without starting anything else spares time. I also appreciate Marcos comment; the more qualified and interested power users get to try and to examine the client from beginning, the best for all (basely the benefit of beta programs  – especially when not on ibm primary operating system).
Thanks Mark

Mark Ehmann, 2006-09-26

There is a managed beta Marco. You should contact your IBM rep to ask to get invited. I also believe there will be a general beta like the rest of the 702 stuff.

They need to get it to beta stage before they can have a beta :) Rumors going around that is very close

John Head, 2006-09-26

John, thank You very much.

Cheers marco

marco foellmer, 2006-09-27

As representative of one of IBMs largest MAC client base, we've been anticipating this beta client since June. We have plenty of Intel/PPC based MACs loaded and ready to test. If you have MACs - no matter the # - in your environment, I would contact IBM to take part in this beta. The more people touching it the better. For us, the release and success of this client has global implications.

Tony Kelleran, 2006-09-27

I just submitted an ESR on their support site asking to get involved. I'm the Notes/Domino Admin and Developer for a company of about 270 employees. However, everyone but two in our MIS department has a Mac at home and we want a BETTER Mac Notes client. Also our Marketing VP has a MacBook Pro.

Daniel Juarez, 2006-10-02

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