Mercedes Mixed Tape 14 is out

by Volker Weber


15 free tracks from Amplivibes, Betty Schön & Band, ChinChin Allstars, Driftkikker, Foley, Lady Sa', Lamp (JPN), Magic Arm, Marsmobil, Midian, Mikrofisch, Muet, Napolitano Lounge Connection, Seven & Eightysix, and Standec.

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[Thanks, Claude]


Has anyone with a Mac been able to actually download the tracks? If so, which browser works?

I have tried with Camino, Firefox and Safari and nothing happens, even if I click the "download if it doesn't start in 15 seconds" button. I remember I had problems with tape 13, but can't remember what my work around was...

John Keys, 2006-09-26

Just wait and try again. The server is overwhelmed at the moment I think. Safari worked for me on the 5th attempt. Download just finished this second!

Ole Saalmann, 2006-09-26

Ok - thanks for the tip, Ole.

John Keys, 2006-09-26

John, I have a dirty secret. First I download the tracks, and then I post their availability. Never had any problems downloading. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-09-26

Now that really isn't fair to the rest of us is it, vowe?
(Downloading now... at last)

John Keys, 2006-09-26

No, it isn't. I should not be posting this on the same day. Two days later, things would be much easier. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-09-26

The muet track - "secret eye in the skye" is quite chilled out.

good stuff

john wylie, 2006-09-26

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