PocketMac 4 coming up - and it is looking good

by Volker Weber

PocketMac 4

A contributor to the Blackberry Forums has leaked an email with the download link for PocketMac 4 (beta). I could not help downloading and installing the file, and I am quite impressed. Many of the limitations of the old 3.x client are gone. You can now sync both the home and work address, you can set a default calendar for non-categorized entries created on the BlackBerry (read: you dont have to live in the PocketMac calendar) and it does support the BlackBerry Pearl. Finally I have my data on the Pearl and can use it as my primary phone.

Good news for Notes/Mac users with a BIS account. PocketMac lets you sync directly with Notes 6.5 and later.

The final release of this product is imminent. And as I understand, you will still get it for free.

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Has anyone got the Lotus Notes contacts sync working? I put the server name and the mailfile name in the Lotus Notes contacts advanced prefs connection info screen. Its not clear how it works - where does it get your ID file from? If you have it working, please do tell us how!

Andy Mell, 2006-09-27

Hi Andy,

the Notes session is probably opened via the local Notes DLLs. That's how the C/C++-API does it. That means it reads the ID file which is linked to in your notes.ini.

How did you enter your contacts in Notes? If you enter them in the client then you probably have used the address book, so you'd need to specify the address book's file name for the contacts (by default, names.nsf). If you've used the Domino Web Access, then they should actually be in your mail file.



Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-09-27

I installed pocketmac Version 3 for blackberry on my MAC a few months ago, because i wanted to install a second party program onto my blackberry.

To that point pocketmac was only designed to sync and was not able to install an application thru the software onto my device!

The answer from pocketmac concerning this question was ... this feature will be coming up in Version 4. Can anyone who as already downloaded and installed the product confirm that this feature works? Thanks a million!

Cheers Mark

Mark Ehmann, 2006-09-27

There is a feature to install and uninstall software. I currently have nothing to install or uninstall, but I think it would work, if I tried.

Volker Weber, 2006-09-27

@Ragnar, Well, i tried both leaving the servername blank in preferences (the default, means localhost) and our Network Notes server, neither worked. It came up with an error saying cannot contact Notes server. Any other ideas, anybody?

@Mark, yes installing software works. I tried it successfully.

@vowe, bookmarks sync only works with Safari. I wish it worked with Firefox, as I dont use Safari...

Andy Mell, 2006-09-27

@Andy, how did you enter your Domino server? By its Domino name (i.e. most likely a canonical name with slashes separating different elements of the name, such as Mail/ACME/US) or by its DNS name? I'd try both if it claims it couldn't connect to the server.

Finally, all network related problems of course might also be caused by a personal firewall, in case you have one.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-09-27

I tried to sync too and I get a Server not started error. Maybe it's because I used the French Notes client.

Speaking of BlackBerry applications. What are the cool got-to-have free or cheap ones?

Eric Garneau, 2006-09-28

I'm using PocketMac to sync with Mail.app. Email seems to sync, but unread marks do not. If I read a message on my BB, or on my laptop, the "unread" state does not sync.

Has anyone gotten this working?

Dave Lehman, 2006-10-12

Hi there, I am using PocketMac 4.0 and I am very happy with it - until now.
Has anyone had any trouble using the Uninstall Software from Device utility? I installed two trial apps and am now unable to remove them.

Any thoughts?


Simon Blakeley, 2007-01-27

On your Blackberry goto Settings/Advanced Options/Applications. Select the trial app, hit the wheel/ball and select Delete.

Volker Weber, 2007-01-27

Thanks for the App tip, but that was the first thing I tried. The two applications are only displayed in the Modules sub display and I can't delete them from here. That is to say, I'm not given the option to delete a module.

Any more advice?

Simon Blakeley, 2007-01-28

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