How to geocode your photos without a GPS track

by Volker Weber

Recently I wrote how to geocode your photos using a track from your GPS receiver. But what do you do without this track?

Here is a great solution which utilizes Google Earth. You center the desired location in Google Earth, and then you drag the photos on Geotagger:

Geotagger is a droplet for inserting GPS coordinates into your photos.

Simply position Google Earth (version 4 only) over the location you wish to insert into your images, then drag your images (jpegs only) onto the Geotagger icon. Once the images are tagged the information stays with them so you can import them to iPhoto, upload them to Flickr or Panoramio or any number of other things. If you choose iPhoto you may want to check out a plugin I wrote that will export your photos to a KMZ file that you can open in Google Earth and see your photos on the globe.

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The Panorado Flyer does something similar for Windows.

Oliver Regelmann, 2006-10-02

Thank you. Great service. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-10-02

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