How cool is this?

by Volker Weber

[Thanks, Alex]



Samuel Adam, 2006-10-07

I'm really flabbergasted. Great presentation.

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2006-10-08

cool. I want one.

Andrew Pollack, 2006-10-08

Very cool. You can download it here:

Although you'll need a tablet PC. Like we all have one of those
laying around. Your guess is as good as mine why they don't have
a version for windows or OS/X. Hmm, could it be because this is a
collaboration between MIT and Microsoft?

Eric Anderson, 2006-10-08

DIY, kind of:

Ole Saalmann, 2006-10-08

Available since 2004 for free from Microsoft Research (you can get the Application and the Sourcecode); It's called "Microsoft Physics Illustrator for Tablet PC"

The whiteboard; well... a digital one...

Daniel Kirstenpfad, 2006-10-08

yes, a cool toy .... unfortunatelly not able to create a "real" looping, but like it.

Wolfgang Andreas Bischof, 2006-10-08

The "pen" looks like Mimio.

Moritz Schroeder, 2006-10-10

I am reminded of Doug Engelbart's "Sketchpad" system. Very similar to MacigPaper, it lets you draw rough shapes directly on the screen with a special pen, transforming them into geometrical objects. Sketchpad doesn't have entertaining physics simulation like MagicPaper, but it has astonishingly powerful functions to modify the objects on screen in real-time, and it significantly predates MagicPaper: Sketchpad is from 1962.

You can see Sketchpad and the very first hypertext (as in HTML) implementation in action in this video hosted by Alan Kay.

Timo Stamm, 2006-10-10

WOW! With this software I can finally finish the design of my perpetual motion machine!

Andrei Kouvchinnikov, 2006-10-23

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