by Volker Weber

Something remarkable happened yesterday. A waiter in a restaurant asked me what brand of mobile phone I was using. He had spotted it when I set the ringer to mute. He obviously liked the looks of the Pearl. I guess this has never happened before with any handheld from RIM.


Don't you mean "something rimarkable"? ;)

I've had a number of questions from people at conferences who spot my 8700 - its quite a snazzy unit as far as the qwerty models go.

Colin Williams, 2006-10-10

That would be where the geeks meet. But this was no geek.

Volker Weber, 2006-10-10

I've gotten a couple of comments on my Treo650. This is the only phone I've ever owned that has gotten a comment from anyone.

The Pearl is surely snazzy - much more so than earlier RIM offerings.

Rob McDonagh, 2006-10-10

This might of course also be due to the fact that the average Blackberry user does anything in the world to make bystanders notice that he/she's using a Blackberry, since to many of the users (at least the early birds) "I'm using a Blackberry" translated to "I'm important".

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-10-11

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