Idokorro BlackBerry Viewer

by Volker Weber

Idocorro BlackBerry Viewer

Courtesy of the Idokorro BlackBerry Viewer I can now show you the Vodafone Today Theme on the BlackBerry Pearl.


Making screenshots of the BlackBerry handheld is nothing new. It was possible even before the release of Idokorro BlackBerry Viewer. The BlackBerry development environment (Windows-only) contains a tool called javaloader.exe which allows you to take screenshots of the device. If I am not mistaken, this function was introduced with devices OS 4.0.2 and BlackBerry JDK 4.0.2. The only advantage I see in Idokorro BlackBerry Viewer is that it allows you to demo a real device, e.g. during a user training. You are not anymore restricted to static screenshots from the BlackBerry device or the BlackBerry simulator.

Abdelkader Boui, 2006-10-18

I forgot to mention one thing: Idokorro BlackBerry Viewer is also utilising javaloader.exe to view the device screen due to the fact that the BB handhelds do not provide an API to capture the screen.

Abdelkader Boui, 2006-10-18


I like what I see, especially the 09:00 AM appointment ;-)

Peter de Haas, 2006-10-18

Man, that's an ugly font. It looks like Chicago, for crying out loud :)

Paul Robichaux, 2006-10-18

"Segoe UI is the new Tahoma"...:-)

Rob Novak, 2006-10-20

There are now two alternative Tools available to create screenhots and videos form the BlackBerry screen:


Abdelkader Boui, 2006-12-18

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