Skype 2 for Mac comes out of beta

by Volker Weber

The change log lists only two items:

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Re the PowerPC resolution change, that's probably wise. I've noted that video calls work OK on a G4 (800MHz), but if you're running a chat window at the same time in Skype, that runs painfully slowly: l e t t e r s very slow to appear, and the app's responsiveness generally takes a dive.

On a brand new Macbook Pro (Intel Core 2 Duo as of today) I don't imagine it's such an issue ;o)

Ben Poole, 2006-10-24

Now I wish they would come up with a 64 Bit version for Linux. (And the 32 Bit version for Linux also had some strange issues since the latest release. Receiving an instant message can freeze my system for some seconds every now and then...)

Hanno Zulla, 2006-10-25

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