Apple has upgraded the MacBook with Core 2 Duo

by Volker Weber

The good: The 1279 € MacBook now has 1 GB RAM and the 80 GB disk. Finally a machine that does not need an upgrade. The bad: 1479 € is still a rip-off for the black MacBook. You get a 120 GB disk and black color. The ugly: 1479 € is $1879.


Skip the entry level machine. No DVD burner, not enough memory, too small a harddisk.


Hubba hubba :-D

Ben Poole, 2006-11-08

It appears these laptops still use video cards with shared memory. Does anyone have any concerns about their use? Would anyone who isn't doing high end video editing even be aware they are using such a video card?

Ken Porter, 2006-11-09

Well, the good thing is that now the black one with 2 gig costs "only" € 1.800, not € 2.000 like yesterday...

I have seen somebody giving a presentation on friday on some sophisticated beamer with a mac book. Or he tried. He always got "not enough VRAM". The same presentation on the same beamer with the MBP worked fine.

Mariano Kamp, 2006-11-09

Is there such a thing such a not-too-small hard disk? Especially in a laptop?

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-11-09

Is there a significant advantage in Macbook hardware compared to similar configurations from Lenovo or Fujitsu-Siemens?

(I'm using Linux most of the time, so OS X is not a factor. I'm only interested in comparing the hardware.)

Hanno Zulla, 2006-11-09


it is more beautiful ...

and when sleeping a light is changing its brightness like relaxed breathing while sleeping ...

That sold you, right?


Mariano Kamp, 2006-11-09

Mariano, not really. "More beautiful" would be tempting, but I am also reading about problems with previous versions of the current black/white Macbook hardware (heat, cracks, sweat stains) so that I am not sure if the Macbook is really that much better.

Hanno Zulla, 2006-11-09

You only buy a Mac if you want to run Mac OS X. Period.

If you need to run Linux, buy a Thinkpad.

Volker Weber, 2006-11-09

Thanks for the advice, Volker. :-)

Hanno Zulla, 2006-11-09

The best thing about these new Macs is the old stock are reduced in price quite significantly. With only around 10% performance increase on the core duo units, guess what we just bought? ;) Xmas comes early!

Colin Williams, 2006-11-10

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