by Volker Weber


If you think that Lotus marketing is sleeping at the wheel, then don't count Germany in. They are finally moving. Unless somebody from Global stops them.

If you attend DNUG next week, make sure you talk about this. Speaking of which, also talk to me. I like to hear what is happening at your organisation.


would you mind translating?

Mac Guidera, 2006-11-11

The one you see? Of course:

Your declaration of independence.
The server likes it.
Lotus Notes lets you keep your data locally via replication.

Volker Weber, 2006-11-11

And the others:

Win an important partner.
Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime make communication faster.

New perspectives.
Direct your view to the substantial.
Lotus Notes connects what belongs together - automatically.

A small revolution.
Your office in the vest pocket.
Lotus Notes client on an USB stick provides independence.

Your declaration of independence.
The server enjoys it.
Lotus Notes enables local storage of data through replication.

Do what you want.
Now you can.
Now there are Lotus Notes clients for Linux, too.

Search less.
How do you find this?
Lotus Notes filters and sorts information.

Use air-mail.
But secure.
Lotus Notes enables secure wireless communication.

24 of 30 DAX enterprises bet on Lotus.
Lotus enjoys the trust of the trade and industry.

Others have visions.
You have the solution.
Lotus Notes stands for trustworthiness in all product announcements.

A short way.
For all of your complex requirements.
Lotus Notes optimizes business processes - on demand.

This could be suitable for you.
Lotus Notes provides profitability through continuity.

Fulfill yourself a wish.
Service As Program.
Lotus Notes offers deep SAP integration without extra license fees.

I have done, what no one should do: translate into a foreign language (I am native german), so please forgive me any "irregular" phrases or translations.

Any improvements welcome.


Thomas Bahn, 2006-11-12

much appreciated. thank you, both.

Mac Guidera, 2006-11-13

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