IBM going back to Fax?

by Volker Weber

IBM going back to Fax?

This has been my first fax in years. Got email?


Aber "selbständig" nach der reformierten Rechtschreibung schreiben, das ja!

Konstantin Klein, 2006-11-16

If IBM's intention was to draw attention they certainly managed to do so

Kristian Raue, 2006-11-16

reminds me of a fax I received several years ago ... was meant to be sent as an email, but for some reason the sender decided to send it by fax ... it was a description of some software that was "attached" (at least to the original email), and it said to double-click on the icon ... hmmm ... when I double-clicked on the paper nothing happened ;-)

Stefan Heinz, 2006-11-16

@Stefan: You were lucky. Good Fax gateways also print all the attachments... may be you would still sit and feed paper to the fax. Imagine it was the Portal install guide...

Volker Jürgensen, 2006-11-16

They'll hate me for this but, I can't resist a good joke.

They are using FAX as it is more reliable than the currently implemented parter Sametime gateway.

Carl Tyler, 2006-11-16

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