Wild Bill gets a Pearl

by Volker Weber

Wild Bill got himself a Pearl. And he is loving it:

Okay. So it absolutely rocks as a phone, a camera, an alarm clock, a bluetooth device, a modem. And its georgous. Every woman I've shown it to wants it NOW. Even my luddite wife...

Looks like his wife is not reading him. :-)


Hmm. But does anyone’s partner read their site?? Certainly my wife has never visited benpoole.com ;o)

Ben Poole, 2006-11-17

Nah nor mine... Mind you my wife would be chuffed to be seen as a Luddite rather than a Geek ;-)

Stuart McIntyre, 2006-11-17

My wife doesn't read my site, but she, too, would be thrilled with the Luddite label, which we tend to throw about as a badge of honor in our household. My guess is, she would also be thrilled with a Blackberry Pearl...

Ben Langhinrichs, 2006-11-17

If she's a Luddite, then she wouldn't read anybody's blog, would she?

esther schindler, 2006-11-17

I'm a Luddite in many ways but I'm plugged into some technology. I'm still trying to decipher why I want a mobile phone, much less one that lets me check e-mail on a tiny 1.5" screen. The Pearl doesn't look so bad, and using it as a Bluetooth modem has some appeal. Particularly if I combine it with something like Andy Broyles' Vaio UX280P. This is the first thing I've seen in a long time that makes sense to me, and that's because it's usable as both a mobile computing device and a desktop computer and it has a full keyboard. For this reason I was really looking forward to the stuff coming out of Antelope Technologies (which was based on an IBM prototype), but as far as I can tell they died. :-\

Charles Robinson, 2006-11-17


She is a luddite - she teaches kids in a local school -but does occasionally read my blog and slap me hard for things that I mention there. I'll certainly get a slap for that one at some stage.. (Like most women, she saves up grudges for a while... :-) )

Yup. The pearl rocks as a phone, PDA, computing device, and eMail platform.

I've lost count of the number of times in the last six months that I've been away from an internet connection, my BlackBerry has buzzed and I've got some new business, because I can respond quickly.

Now I'm consolidating my Blackberry and my phone to one very small - as small as the Razr is folded up - device. One who's battery lasts at least three days - even on "insane usage" patterns...


Since BES is now free for 10 users or less, the only thing your paying for is the airtime - at around 20 pounds sterling a month or local equivalents.

Now if your going to Vienna, I'm hosting a presentation *and* a workshop on how to expose your domino applications onto BlackBerry devices. Its very easy - based on web services and MDS studio (free!).

How better to ensure that your domino environment is in front of the CEO than exposing his domino applications onto his phone ?

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2006-11-19

"Like most women, she saves up grudges for a while..."

Bill, let's hope she doesn't read vowe.net, otherwise you might be in for another slap for this one. :-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-11-20

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