openBC is now XING

by Volker Weber

openBC is now XING

I like the redesign. Not sure the name will stick, and it will be interesting how well they will do when going public. Which is necessary if they want to expand internationally. Basic membership continues to be free. Here is your invitation.


Wow, this really takes posing to a new level! ;-)

Marcus Humann, 2006-11-18

ok - but they need to learn german: "blabla durch kommas trennen..."
tss ;)

Samuel Adam, 2006-11-18

I like the new design, lots of new features are there.
Congrats XING!

marco foellmer, 2006-11-18

Or they just want to be bought by Google/Yahoo/another company that has too much money.

Henning Heinz, 2006-11-18

But this seems to be halfhearted if you look at the upper left corner where it's still called openBC.
Maybe they are XING openBC for a longer period and than they'll become the real XING - or they will be Goo(gle)XING at that time

Wolfgang Andreas Bischof, 2006-11-18

Erinnert schwer an "Raider", äh "Twix".

Timo Stamm, 2006-11-20

der war aber nur 99 Pfennig oder heute 89 cent wert und keine 100mio. vollkommen unterbewertet dieser Riegel.

ingo harpel, 2006-11-20

I like the design change as such, but in my opinion it is mostly a backstep in usability. And @marco: I was able to find only one new feature - the ability to show the contacts page as business cards - and i like it, since it brings the essentual information to the front, and also let me have more then 10 contacts on one page. (namely 12, wich is 20% improvement ;-).

But I don't get, why the "Suche" button was renamed in "Mitglieder" ("Search" was renamed to "Members" in German)

Gregory Engels, 2006-11-20

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