RIP ILRTCG, long live ILSG

by Volker Weber

I haven't worked for Lotus long enough to know for certain, but I think Lotus Real-Time Collaboration (RTC) Gateway may be the shortest-lived product name in Lotus history. As of today, it's no longer Lotus RTC Gateway, but Lotus Sametime Gateway. Most product names last at least one version, sometimes two or even 2.6 versions before being changed, but not Lotus RTC Gateway. It lasted less than a week since the time that the gateway shipped.

I find it quite funny when a company changes a product name a week after it was launched. It appears that change could have done right before the launch. Which is bad enough. Now how about fixing Expeditor? Does not seem to be a trademark yet. And if it is, then IBM has not noticed.

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I don't know about you, but I'm enjoying the snarky attitude on that new blog...

Rob McDonagh, 2006-11-20

How long before it is brought into line though?

Paul Mooney, 2006-11-20

I don't expect them to. This blog has the best writing of all "Lotus blogs".

Volker Weber, 2006-11-20

Its shipped? When, where? Does it integrate Sametime with AIM/MSN/Yahoo/Gtalk? Has anyone actually used it yet. Do tell.

Andy Mell, 2006-11-20

Yes. In all the usual places. Yes, no, soon, yes. Yes.

Volker Weber, 2006-11-20

It's always good to remove a few acronyms here and there.

john wylie, 2006-11-20

I don't find it snarky at all. It's just honest and free of marketing speak. Except for that post about Expeditor... that was bad.

Charles Robinson, 2006-11-20

I nominate Volker's comment of:

"Yes, no, soon, yes. Yes."

to be the best comment of 2006. ROTFLMAO.

Gregg Eldred, 2006-11-20

It may only a reduction of two letters, but this is adding to the trend of simpler (and more snappy) product names, as well as the long-awaited return of Lotus branding. A good sign...

Stuart McIntyre, 2006-11-21

IBM's low on memory... Error when I try to go to the IBM site you linked.

An error has occured whilst trying to find the page that you have requested.

It may be that the page does not exist or that you do not have the authorization to view it.

Error Message:

HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - LotusScript Error - Out of memory

Amy Blumenfield, 2006-11-27

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