It never really work(plac)ed

by Volker Weber

When I had to remove a nonsense comment from an old post, I was reminded that IBM does not seem to have much luck with the Workplace brand. Remember Workplace OS, Workplace Shell or (gasp) Workplace Messaging?


Remember "Workplace On-Demand" too?

You are right all the products with "workplace" in their name did not fare as well as IBM had hoped.

Perhaps we are not too happy being reminded that dealing with computers is supposed to be 'work'. ;-)

Martin Forisch, 2006-11-22

Ah.. Restricted Workplace Shell on OS/2.. happy memories.

I actually left my first job in PC support after we deployed RWS across the company, as there was no work left to do! 1000 users, and on average 1, yes ONE, helpdesk call per day.


Warren Elsmore, 2006-11-22

IBM has a thing for work

Carl Tyler, 2006-11-22

IBM Workgroups (beta was available for OS/2 and Windows 3.11) before Lotus came on board.

Cheers Marco

marco foellmer, 2006-11-22

Sorry guys, only Workplace counts. Another slogan that failed twice was "People Places and Things". Who can name both tries?

Volker Weber, 2006-11-22

Whhoops my bad not "Workplace On-demand"
but "IBM WorkSpace On-Demand".
Anyone in for some OS/2 nostalgia go and the Redbook on V3.0.1

Martin Forisch, 2006-11-22

IBM usage of People, Places and Things:

1. Taligent was a joint Apple/IBM effort to build a next-generation OS. People, Places and Things was a central methaphor in their OS.

2. I believe that Raven (Discovery Server) used "People, Places and Things" as a marketing slogan.

Bob Congdon, 2006-11-23

You get 100 points. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-11-23

Wasn't "Raven" the code-name for K-Station?

Daniel Silva, 2006-11-23

Oops, guess not :)

Daniel Silva, 2006-11-23

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