A few things I learned today about BlackBerry Internet Service 2.0

by Volker Weber

Most of my knowledge about BIS was from the old version 1.8. Here are a few things I learned today:

Sounds nice, doesn't it? Unfortunately RIM does not seem to have a plan to enable you to build the same thing. So, if you are running your own IMAP server, you will not be able to ping RIM. I think it would be awfully nice, if RIM would talk to people from Scalix, OpenExchange, Collax and the like to enable this service. It would open new markets beyond Domino, Exchange and Groupwise. Next stop: SyncML. ;-)

*) I have now changed my setup to send a copy of my inbound mail at the ISP to gmail.com without going through my server. It will be interesting so see how GMail will handle the spam I am receiving.


Question from a SmartPhone virgin. I'm considering getting myself a Nokia E70 Device (IBM provides a SIM card with Edge/UMTS/WCDMA, 3G+ support). Nokia is supposed to support the blackberry connect software. So given the fact that IBM provides blackberry support for Notes/Sametime, is getting a blackberry compatible phone such as the Nokia E70 pretty much the same as getting a real blackberry ? Or is there any tradeoff when picking a Nokia vs the real deal ? Thanks in adv for your (and/or your reader's )feedback.

Joel Demay, 2006-11-23

It is not the same thing, but it comes close. BBC often will not allow you to sync all PIM data over the air. Since I have not tried the E70, I cannot tell.

The biggest difference is speed. An 8700 flies rings around any Series 60 phone. If you can hold off another three month, you will get the successor to the 8700, which is the phone you really want.

Volker Weber, 2006-11-23

>>BIS will poll your IMAP or POP3 server every 15 minutes for new mail. That is quite a long time, however if it finds mail, it returns every 3 minutes. If it did not find new mails three times in a row, it goes back to the 15 minutes schedule.>>
That's a long time far away from the original idea RIM had started. That's the even worser than my current use of the treo with a connection interval of 5 minutes (from 8 - 18 and later every 10 minutes).

Wolfgang Andreas Bischof, 2006-11-23

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