A trip down memory lane

by Volker Weber

Yesterday I threw another three CDs at the Sonos. Now I am listening to tracks which are almost 30 years old:

And I said: "God Dammit Daddy!
You know I love you,
But you got a hell of a lot to learn about Rock 'n Roll"

I guess that is good prepation for our revival party next week. Anybody remember those lyrics?


Oh, I saw the Hackbraten live in Bielefeld's Alm about thirteen years ago and he played that song as well. Despite the rain and cold, it was a great show!

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-11-23

Meat Loaf?

Stefan Tilkov, 2006-11-23

Meat Loaf, Bat out of Hell II. Googleing after "you know I love you" brings up some other interesting site

Axel Koerv, 2006-11-23

The skies were pure and the fields were green ?

It was always summer ?

But it was long ago and it was far away ?

Ah, wasted youth ;-)

Hajo Schmitt, 2006-11-23

Saw the other day that Bat out of Hell III is out. No idea if it is any good though. BooH II was the one I got first, but BooH I, which I got later, was the one that really stunned me. Über-albums, both.

Haiko Hebig, 2006-11-23

Speaking of Meatloaf here is a great video on YouTube about the making of their new album Bat out of Hell III.

Bruce Elgort, 2006-11-23

See you at the Festhalle in July...? ;)

Frank Koehntopp, 2006-11-23

Yes, the new album is pretty good. Not so good as No. 1 but far better then No. 2. A lot of duets. I did't believed that No. 2 ist 13 years ago.

Richard Kaufmann, 2006-11-23

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