Breathtaking photos

by Volker Weber


So you think you are a good photographer? Then go check out e-ality. I came across Andreas' site a while ago, but forgot to link to it. In a follow-up to our discussion I was reminded of this magnificent collection.


We love voveDOTnet for those links ... at least: I do. Good night!

Stephan Perthes, 2006-11-25

Here's a guy I know that I can recommend:

Frank Koehntopp, 2006-11-25

You can also try - especially those that have dual monitors are made welcome there !

Alex Boschmans, 2006-11-25

Heres my favorite: Frans Lanting

His nature photographs are especially breathtaking:
Classics Gallery

Hynek Kobelka, 2006-11-25

These are really impressive pictures - and nice examples on how to train your photographic view...

For another collection of stunning and breathtaking pictures I would recommend to look at the website of Michael Fatali and check out his portfolio; Just have a look at this
one and that
one, as all of his photos only use natural light and no filters (so check out the field notes as well...)

Markus Heyl, 2006-11-27

Vielen Dank!

Andreas Gehret, 2006-11-28

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