Ed finally made it to Darmstadt

by Volker Weber



I was there many many years ago. IIRC, isn't there a russian church beside that tower in the background? BTW: Welcome Ed!

marc egart, 2006-11-26

Right - The Russian Orthodox church is to the left behind me, just (cropped) out of frame. What a beautiful city, with so much history!

Ed Brill, 2006-11-26

Hey Ed,
welcome in good old germany and after some discussions here and there I'm proud that you finally got/took the chance to visit him. Have fun in one of the homelands (Vowe) of NOTES in the old world and enjoy the really good weather (at least in Nuremberg/Stuttgart today).

If you like to see old german history look at the Varus Battle where the german tribes changed the way of european history with their victory over three first class roman legion which led Augustus to the well known dictum: "Varus, Varus, give me back my legions." (Varus was the killed leader of these troops - the biggest loss of soldiers in roman history)
This is the single battlefield worldwide (which is now 2000 years old) which you can visit because the site is in a (mixed) turf moor rea and many weapons and other equipment (like the mask of one legion - its highest regalia) was found in the last 15 years (btw discovered by a british major from Osnabrück) .

And believe it or not you can learn much about consequences because Arminius (german: Hermann) the cheruski has been well trained by the roman army as an officer of auxilary troops, later left the roman army and united the german tribes (which were at odds to each other) against the roman empire, won the battle and sent the head of Varus to the leader of another german tribe (that and their way to fight was the reason for calling the germans barbarian) which should become a member of the anti roman coalition. Rome tried to catch and beat him but wasn't able to do so. And as today the roman empire couldn't afford the enormous efforts for these crusades so they left that area. Finally a few year later Arminius was killed in an ambush by another german tribe after the old conflicts reoccured (an ally of the roman empire)
Sounds similiar to the current wars/missions like Iraqi or Afghanistan and their warlords and tribes. I think that wikipedia has additional infos.
And finally I saw today the film volker mentioned a few weeks ago as a treo film "A good year" - nice one with great landscapes (they could have reduced their product placement efforts to a normal third and have you seen the ipod at the top of the ironing board?).
IIn the german version the french where called by the english as "frog eater" ... is that real?

Wolfgang Andreas Bischof, 2006-11-27

Wolfgang, don't try to educate Ed. He knows a lot more than you assume.

Volker Weber, 2006-11-27

including, as of this evening, where to find good vietnamese food in Köln (just by walking around from my hotel...).

I am not so good on my early German history (hence the query today about the double city wall), but I am always willing to learn more.

Ed Brill, 2006-11-27

@Wolfgang: And by defeating the Roman army Germany was able to stay away from civilization for a few more centuries... :)

Thilo Hamberger, 2006-11-28

Hey, I sure didn't mind the history lesson. I'd read some of it before, I admit, but not from the German point of view.

esther schindler, 2006-11-29

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