New OpenNTF Mail templates

by Bruce Elgort

There are two new versions of the OpenNTF Mail Experience template available for download. The first is version 7.0.2a or the "Classic" OpenNTF Mail template and the second is the 7.0.2a "Anniversary" edition. For those of you who don't know, the OpenNTF Mail Experience template extends the functionality of the Lotus Notes mail template by adding several features including vCard support, several new views, Quick Stuff, allowing users to view their iNotes contacts and synch them with their address book, adding senders and recipients to the address book and much more. The first release of the OpenNTF Mail Template was in October of 2002 and was developed by a dozen Notes developers from around the globe.

The Classic version adds one new feature to the template which allows Administrators to control the default "reply" options by a setting Notes.ini parameter which can be controlled via policies. When a policy isn't used by an organization the user can modify these preferences themselves.

The Anniversary edition celebrates OpenNTF's upcoming five year anniversary and adds a new less "Notes" like user interface for the Lotus Notes client. The Anniversary edition also includes the new default "reply" feature. Both of these versions use the standard Domino Web Access for web access.

A German version of the template is also available as a beta here.

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Mmm, love the Anniversary template - a really nice new look n' feel.

It'll nicely tide me over until Notes 8 beta gets released!

Stuart McIntyre, 2006-11-29

Yes I agree, I like the Anniversary template really much!

Cheers Marco

marco foellmer, 2006-11-29

Ditto on the Anniversary template - I've liked it for the past several weeks as have a few of my users! :)

Chris Whisonant, 2006-11-29

Hm, I guess there's a slight typo in your post, Volker:
The first is version 7.0.2a or the "Classic" OpenNTF Mail template and the second is the 7.0.2a "Anniversary" edition.
The classic version is just 7.0.2, without the "a", right?

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-11-29

My post?

Volker Weber, 2006-11-29

Volker, we all know that Bruce is just a pseudonym you use. ;-)

Charles Robinson, 2006-11-29


The 7.0.2a designation for the "Classic" version is correct as 7.0.2a adds a new feature that was not part of the OpenNTF 7.0.2 template.

I hope that helps.

Bruce Elgort, 2006-11-29

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