BlackBerry Maps now with European maps

by Volker Weber


BlackBerry Maps is now available with European maps (minus UK). I installed the Maps application with the latest Pearl update, but you should also be able to get it from Now all you need is a decent GPS receiver like the Navman B10, which not only works well, but shares the charger with the BlackBerry.


BlackBerry Maps

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above is required to download this Instant Messenger.

This web page uses ActiveX controls that work only in Microsoft Internet Explorer. To ensure that BlackBerry Maps is correctly downloaded to your BlackBerry, this site is not designed to work with any other Internet browsers.

Great, they dont let us mac users download it, and the error message is wrong... Good start RIM.

Andy Mell, 2006-11-29

Andy, the ActiveX control not only downloads the file but also installs it on the device. I don't like the design either though.

You can use the same URL to download and install directly into the device. Oddly enough it insists that Maps does not run on a Pearl, although it is installed and just running fine.

Volker Weber, 2006-11-29

Hello guys!

I installed the BB maps from official website right into my device BB 7105t by IE. Everything is good but the maps do not show me the contatnt. No directions, no streets, nothing only bown stripped background. What should I do in affairs to have it working correctly?

If is there someone who can help me please send me an e-mail...



Kamil Pitonak, 2007-05-13

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