On Heavy Rotation

by Volker Weber

klassik lounge 5
Just received this CD in the mail today. It was so spanking new that I had to enter the titles into CDDB. Thanks, Heiko.


Great Sound! So now i know what to buy me for Christmas ;-)
You should listen every Day to Klassikradio at 10 o'clock.
"Classic Lounge Mixed by DJ Jondal"
The greatest Chill Music on Earth!

Viktor Kostic, 2006-12-01

30 € für ne Doppel-CD ... hei jei jei *kopfschüttel*.

Marc Petermax, 2006-12-01

Naja, bei 28 Titeln entspricht das beinahe dem iTunes-Preis. Allerdings ohne DRM-Verkrüppelung.

Volker Weber, 2006-12-01

Mmmmh, CDDB still doesn't recognize this CD... And a quick check on Gracenote shows no result searching for "Klassik Lounge 5"... vowe: where did you enter the track titles??? :-)

Wolfgang Schwerber, 2006-12-03

If you like that then you'll probably like Telepopmusik as well http://www.telepopmusik.fr/index.php

Colin Baxter, 2006-12-05

Because their web site is green and white on black? ;-)

Volker Weber, 2006-12-05

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