mb4bp - just because it will be Christmas

by Volker Weber

Ben Poole has written DominoWiki and released it as open source. At more than 5000 downloads it is one of the most successful open source Domino applications. I think the community owes him. He is not asking anything in return, but I am.

I know that Ben has a very big wish. He would love to have a Macbook, but he has to feed three kids and has a wife to please. There is never enough spare cash to get past the Missus to buy one. For years he has used old affordable Macs, but I want him to have a spanking new one.

buy ben a macbook

So I am starting a campaign "mb4bp: Macbook for Ben Poole". I am looking to raise £1000. You can buy a banner on vowe.net for £50, starting tomorrow. I can guarantee you thousands of impressions of your banner on all of the pages on vowe.net. Your banner will run for one day only, but after that day, you will be listed on this page as a person or company who has donated his share to the mb4bp campaign. Your entry will be linked to your site and this link will stay up for as long as vowe.net exists. I will start this list as soon as contributions come in, and you will be linked right away. There are only 20 slots available, so act now! Update: Banners are sold out. Read to the end.

Here is what you do: Send a £50 (less than $100) donation on Paypal to macbook@benpoole.com, and a banner plus a link to my mail address. This campaign starts now, and you can be the first to run your banner tomorrow on December, 1st.

Here is a list of who already chipped in:

  1. Asensys - Ihr Partner für Lotus Notes Domino Solutions (05 DEC)
  2. be systems - Excellence in Lotus Software (06 DEC)
  3. ILUG - Irish Lotus User Group (07 DEC)
  4. High-Music (20 DEC)
  5. Bruce Elgort (04 DEC)
  6. Bruce Elgort (08 DEC)
  7. ebf - Creating your benefit (09 DEC)
  8. Revolution CRM - Join the Revolution (19 DEC)
  9. at once - Ihre Spezialisten für IT Consulting (10 DEC)
  10. InVisible - Lotus Notes, Ruby on Rails, Java (15 DEC)
  11. anonymous
  12. anonymous
  13. anonymous
  14. anonymous
  15. anonymous - 11 through 15 are one and the same person
  16. anonymous
  17. Puakma - Clever software for clever people (01 DEC)
  18. Puakma - Clever software for clever people (02 DEC)
  19. Puakma - Clever software for clever people (03 DEC)
  20. Puakma - Clever software for clever people (11 DEC)
  21. Inter-Weavers (12 DEC)
  22. Benjamin Stein (16 DEC)
  23. Vince Schuurman (17 DEC)
  24. Ben Langhinrichs (13 DEC)
  25. Steve Castledine (14 DEC)
  26. Workflow Studios (18 DEC)

Funds raised so far: $850 plus £900 = £1337

Update 30 NOV 06, 22:00 CET: Since I have only "sold" 14 of the original 20 banners and 6 anonymous slots, I accepted another 6 slots.

Update 1 DEC 06, 0:20 CET: Game over. Thank you very much, sponsors! There are no more banners available, but of course you can continue to donate to Ben, any amount you like. I will continue to list you below:

  1. Thomas "Duffbert" Duff
  2. Matthew White
  3. Ed Brill
  4. John D. Head

Update 4 DEC 06, 16:15 CET: One and a half Pooles with a new BlackBook.



hiermit hätten wir gerne einen slot für ASENSYS.

Andrea Altefrone, 2006-11-30

If you don't fill up the slots, can we just contribute to the same link?

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2006-11-30

The community will fill up the slots. Half of them were gone in two hours flat.

Volker Weber, 2006-11-30

Sweet... It's well deserved.

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2006-11-30

Apologies for the radio silence thus far. To be frank, I have been gob-smacked (quaint English expression) Many many thanks to all who have helped out, and of course, a huge debt of gratitude to vowe... who is as ever a good mother. :o)

Ben Poole, 2006-11-30

See, there IS a Santa Claus - hes Bald, BAD and Bavarian.

To all - Beautiful work!!!

Colin Williams, 2006-11-30

Just clicked the links to see who supports this great idea (how to support a person who deserves it) and went over puakma and inter-weavers to rob's blog to find what I need but didn't searched for. Unbelieveable how fast it works.
A good english tour guide for berlin , my brother in law will arrive on sunday and I think this will be a good choice for his family because we can meet not before thursday.

Wolfgang Andreas Bischof, 2006-12-01

Hi Volker,

Hut ab !! Super Aktion! So macht networking Spaß.


Heiko Müller, 2006-12-01

I notice the community displayed it's 1337 H4X0R skills coming to that total !

Chris Coates, 2006-12-01

Wow! Das war schnell (und seeeehr nett von Volker). Zu dumm, dass ich nichts zu bewerben habe... Ben, viel Spaß mit dem MacBook!

Martin Kautz, 2006-12-01

Wow - that was *fast*. I just got an eMail from Volker, was ready to donate - I cant think of a better person to get a new Macbook - and it was done already!


Ben - I'll buy you a drink (or more than one?) in London week after next instead, right ?

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2006-12-01

@Bill, the drinks are on me. Whenever someone is in London they should let me know - I'm allowed out for drinks every now and again ;o)

@Heiko: an amazing thing to see in action, I agree!

@Martin: thank you for your kind words :o)

Again, my heart-felt thanks to everyone. I'm off to Regent Street today...

Ben Poole, 2006-12-01

Wonderful idea, and well deserved Ben. I've only played with DominoWiki a bit, but it's tres cool :)

The generosity of the Domino community continues to find ways to amaze me.

Colman Carpenter, 2006-12-01


As I'm in London anyway ... I'll buy YOU a beer if you allow me to gaze in wonderment for a few happy moments at your new pride and joy :-)


Julian Woodward, 2006-12-01

What a great community of people around Notes - one of the best.

Bernard Devlin, 2006-12-02

I am 'new' to Notes and the community and am really impressed with how all of you work and the quality of work you produce.

"Notes newbie"

Asad Quraishi, 2006-12-04

fantastic, i just saw this... yes, my head has been in the sand lately!

congrats to mr poole, as you say, it is well deserved.

John Vaughan, 2006-12-04

Great stuff. Which one is Ben?

Stuart Williams, 2006-12-04

I am a domino developer from mumbai (india).

Domino Community Grows up !!

Nice work.. super human software.. for people, by people and extended by people !!


Sunilkumar Vishwakarma, 2006-12-20

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