Hello, I'm a Zune

by Volker Weber

hello zune


Good one - I see no reason to abandon the ipod. (Does Zune even work with a Mac???)


Chris Reckling, 2006-12-02

I wonder if the Zune is going to be able to built the ecosystem that iPods have? To me that is the iPods saving grace more than just the device itself. You can buy anything from external speakers, radio transmitters, laser pointers, computer monitors with a built in iPod docks, alarms clocks, hook up for every type of car, and even toilet paper holders!

Alan Lepofsky, 2006-12-03

Of course there will be a huge zune community! At least with as many members as Microsoft has employees worldwide (the will get a discount of 50% off and additional 10% if they wear the zune in public...) - Plus the innumerable number of geeks and nerds who need a "real" operating system on their player... :-))) But - and that's the question - would you like to be considered a a member of such a community???

Therefor I guess the very first accessory you will be able to buy is some sort of sock to hide the player and cloud the brand... :-)))

Wolfgang Schwerber, 2006-12-03

Hey, you can use your old iPod headphones with your new Zune. And nobody will know.....

Ole Saalmann, 2006-12-03

You can put a real operating system on your iPod. However, there is an alternative jukebox-only operating system called Rockbox, as well.

I tried Rockbox and didn't really like it better than the original firmeware so far. But Linux support for the original iPod filesystem is hit and miss so far and Rockbox is way easier to fill with music from your Linux box.

Hanno Zulla, 2006-12-03

Thank you for the hint Hanno. I just installed Rockbox on my iPod Nano. Lacking iTunes (or a good substitute) I almost completely stopped using it when I switched my main desktop machine to Linux.

Ralph Unden, 2006-12-04

iPods are supported on Windows XP 64. :-(

Charles Robinson, 2006-12-04

Well that was messed up. I previewed my comment, edited it, clicked Submit, and it went sorta freaky. My edits were saved. Anyway, here's what I meant to write...

iPods are not supported on Windows XP 64. :-( I won't be getting a Zune but I can't get an iPod, either.

Charles Robinson, 2006-12-04

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