First Lotusphere Spammer

by Volker Weber

Last year I awarded Vik Naik of with the First Lotusphere Spam award. It looks like he is still with the company:

lotusphere spam
Sometimes it is really easy to avoid a vendor.


Same here. Sigh. And to those in the know about NFL licensing rules, an even bigger sigh. Of course I make an assumption here that the millions of $ required to use the trademark in promotions hasn't been paid. If so I'm dead wrong.

Rob Novak, 2006-12-04

And they forgot to filter @* :-P

Ed Brill, 2006-12-04

Yes - more salesplace spam arrived today. They were an embarassment at LS06 - handing out flyers during the opening and closing sessions as well as cornering anyone that was within grabbing distance of them at Seaworld.
Do they realize that they are chasing away customers with these tactics?
I think that they would be a better fit for Microsoft CRM.

Ed Maloney, 2006-12-04

Yep, even I got that one! Tis a shame their marketing droids are so stoopid - the product seems quite nice.

Colin Williams, 2006-12-05

The only unsolicited spam I got after Lotusphere was from these jokers. I have them blocked on my spam filter now.

Charles Robinson, 2006-12-05

From their product page..

"It's about understanding the needs of your customers, delivering exceptional service, and selling the right products to the right person at the right time."

Oh the irony.

Stephen hood, 2006-12-05

Stephen, it's about your customers, not their customers (which would include you, in their best case scenarios) ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-12-05

It appears they are using an old list. I am not able to attend the 'sphere this year, yet I was still lucky enough to get a copy of this crap email.

Ken Porter, 2006-12-05

@Ken: It must be really old. I haven't been registered as an attendee since 2001! This filters most of the spam but not all.

Should we start a list? Hmmmm.

Rob Novak, 2006-12-05

Mine ended in the spam filter to begin with

Chris Miller, 2006-12-05

Mine too - Postini.

Rob Novak, 2006-12-05

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