mb4bp ends today

by Volker Weber

Exactly three weeks ago I had the sudden urge to get a new Macbook for Ben, a machine he has always longed for. I remember that I asked Bruce what we could possible do. We agreed to chat later during the day. Before that could happen, I thought I might ask the community to give something back — the mb4bp (MacBook For Ben Poole) campaign was born.

Little did I know about the overwhelming response. Within a few minutes Bruce had chipped in with a substantial contribution, only to be followed by a generous member of the community who gave an even larger sum. I cannot name names, but both Ben and I are very greatful for his contribution.

It turned out I needed to accept six more contributors to fill the 20 available banner slots. In five hours flat we were sold out. And even after that, the money came in from other people who wanted to be part of this.

Today marks the last day of the campaign. I have built a few banners for people who did not deliver one. This has been a winning situation for everyone involved. Some of the contributors got extra business through their banners, everybody had the opportunity to give something back, a few even made additional business through the banners on this site.

You have all made somebody very happy. He still cannot believe what has happened:

ben with macbook


Great story! It animated me to buy a MacBook, too :-). Great Notebook. Btw. Lotus Notes Client 7.0.2 for Mac OS X English is available.

Frank Mueller, 2006-12-20


I just do a similar kind of work for my father - he created a fantastic radio series in the last 20 years, but it was in danger of beeing forgotten - and get tremendous help from the whole Mac community to spread the news.

So I am very happy for Ben ;-) All I can do is to offer a version of launch2net, so he can be online with his MacBook and mobile device. Ben, just drop me a line to fuellemann@novamedia.de ...



(Btw: the work of my father can be heard at radiotyrus.de for anyone interested)

Jan Fuellemann, 2006-12-20

Jan, that's a very kind offer! I will check launch2net out: currently, my mobile phone is literally just that, a phone!, no mobile connectivity for me, but the product sounds interesting! ;o)

Ben Poole, 2006-12-20

A great example of helping others - thanks

skip brandon, 2006-12-20

Hi Ben,

the offer does not expire ;-) So come back to me anytime ...

Best regards,

Jan Fuellemann

Jan Fuellemann, 2006-12-20

Hallo Volker,
wie wäre es eine Seite mit allen Bannern der Kampagne quasi als kleines "Archiv". Mit oder ohne Links - ganz nach Belieben.
Viele Grüße

Wolfgang Fey, 2006-12-20

@Jan: Hear? Where? I am missing a podcast. Only selling CDs is so 'oldschool' ;-) But sounds very interesting.

Robert Krauss, 2006-12-20

Wolfgang, wir haben alle auf dieser Seite, mit Links. Die Banner will ich nicht langfristig zeigen.

Volker Weber, 2006-12-20

Well done VoWe, and everyone who contributed. Ben's a great asset to the Lotus community, and its nice to see him rewarded.

Alan Lepofsky, 2006-12-21

@Robert: I wish (sigh) but we do not have the rights. Since this work started, when digitial downloads was a mere SciFi, no contract covered this. So we have to re-negotiate and to do this with a public Radiostation is a nightmare ;-) But I hope sometime in 2007 we will have the chance to offer digital downloads as well...

Thanks for listening anyway!



Jan Fuellemann, 2006-12-21

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