Notes 7.0.2 for Mac on Partnerworld and Passport Advantage

by Volker Weber

mac notes client

IBM has finally released the much anticipated Notes 7 client for the Mac. It is a huge improvement over the neglected 6.x client. Notes 7 comes as a Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel Macs, so it no longer requires Rosetta on the Intel Macs. You need to be running the latest version of Mac OS X.

Biggest omission: It still does not run Java agents. Would be awfully nice of IBM to explain why Java is missing.


Isn't it obvious? IBM has decided to give up on all this silly Java stuff and focus on native Notes technology like the NSF, formula language, and Lotuscript. Oh, and they're bringing back layout regions, thank all the gods.


Rob McDonagh, 2006-12-21

Do you happen to have a link for the trial version? Hunting around IBM's site drives me crazy, as usual.

Stefan Tilkov, 2006-12-21

The trial version is not yet available. From Ed's post about the release: "A trial version of the released Notes 7.0.2 for Mac will be posted to the developerWorks downloads in about a month"

Joerg Michael, 2006-12-21

Re Java, I suppose it’s all down to the IBM JVM, i.e. IBM haven’t coded one for OS X.

I wonder how difficult doing such a thing is? I really don’t know enough about the Domino virtual machine, but I’m assuming that it differs a fair bit from other IBM JVMs used in things like Websphere.

But a VM for OS X is certainly achievable: Apple have created such a thing!

Ben Poole, 2006-12-21

seems to me that it is really silly not to code a Java version for OS X. It's Unix, and IBM has no problem doing a custom JVM on AIX, Solaris, Linux. Why o why not on OS X?

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2006-12-22

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