Podcast with Ian Smith and Craig Schumann from Teamstudio

by Bruce Elgort

Julian Robichaux and myself interviewed Ian Smith and Craig Schumann from Teamstudio who make developer tools for Lotus Notes and Domino. Their tools offer developers Lotus Notes source code control, check-in/check-out, design search and replace, and lots of other great things.

Also in the podcast is an interview with Rob Novak and Viktor Krantz from SNAPPS where we talk about the recent release of their free QuickPlace templates - QDoc, QWiki and QLog. In another segment of the show Carl Tyler and I talk about Instant-Technologies free Instant Meeting Assistant product as well as Instant's attendance and participation at Lotusphere 2007. John Roling also gives us an update on all the latest project releases over on the OpenNTF site.

All in all a great podcast to finish out 2006.

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