Overheard in New York

by Volker Weber

Suit #1: I was so jet-lagged when I got back from vacation this summer.
Suit #2: Oh, man, I hate when that happens. Where did you go?
Suit #1: We took the kids down to Florida for a few weeks.
Suit #2: Yeah, that's a long-ass way away. What's the time zone difference there?
Suit #1: I'm pretty sure it's, like, seven hours.
Suit #2: That makes sense. It's like, almost in Mexico, right?
Suit #1: No, idiot. Florida's the other way!
Suit #2: Really? My bad.

--Times Square

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Overheard yesterday on a Disney bus...

1st Person: We had the best meal yesterday in Epcot
2nd Person: Oh yeah where?
1st Person: It was Morocco, yeah I'm sure it was Morocoo as it had the Eiffel tower.
2nd Person: That's not right, the Eifel tower is in Norway.

This is a true story and I almost died I laughed so hard.

Carl Tyler, 2006-12-21

Another example of 'ignorance is self-protection'...

Armin Auth, 2006-12-21

I really worry about the future of the human race. :-)

Gregg Eldred, 2006-12-21

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