Lotus Awards 2007

by Volker Weber


I have no idea when Lotus is going to tell you, but here are the 2007 Lotus Awards:

Congratulations to the winners. I have not listed the runner-ups, only because I was too lazy to do somebody else's job. ;-)

Update: Chris wasn't as lazy as I was and listed the finalists.

Update: After only one day, Lotus has posted the awards. And much better than last year. They now list the products and link to the vendor. A welcome improvement over Lotusphere 06.


I was typing away as they talked.

Nice surprise to see so many partners from all over the world get nominated this year

Chris Miller, 2006-12-21

Azurian, is one of the biggest IBM Business Partners here in Chile. They have very strongs skills in Websphere Portal, Workplace, Content Manager and SOA projects.

Good for them!


Alex Hernandez, 2006-12-21

Answer: IBM has posted the Lotus Awards winners... :-)

Ed Brill, 2006-12-22

Thank you. I have updated my post. The page is much better than last year.

Volker Weber, 2006-12-22

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