May I help you?

by Volker Weber

Dear launch2net, if there is one thing* that drives me mad about you, it is this dialog. Yes, the phone you have configured is no longer available. Yes, you need to find a new one. Yes, you may start the configuration. Then you can't find anything and you fail. Then you go back to the application, and yes, the phone which is configured is no longer available. Yes, you need to find a new one. Yes, you may start your configuration. Ad infinitum.

OK, I am switching phones and SIMs faster than most other users. But I can help you. I know which phone to use. Just let me pick it from the Bluetooth favorites.

*) There is one more thing: Waiting for the Connect button to become active. Let me click it when you are not ready. And then connect when you are.


Had the same problem recently and got the promise that they are already working on a "pick list" ;)

Stefan Rubner, 2006-12-24

Already on the to-do list ;-) We are working on our own bluetooth- pickup list. So you are prompted with a list of currently available devices instead of this "much-to-be-improved" dialog.

Look for these improvments around beginning of Q2.


Jan | nova media

Jan Fuellemann, 2006-12-24

btw, are you using version 1.5.2 already?

;-) Jan

Jan Fuellemann, 2006-12-24

I switch phones as often as you do, Volker, and am/was irritated by the same idiotic problem with Launch2Net. Sometimes software tries to be too helpful and in the process makes me miserable. This is an otherwise indespensible application and even with the above problems, I still recommend it.

steven n fettig, 2006-12-26

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