Notes is not dead

by Volker Weber

mac torrent

The Mac community has started to distribute the Notes 7 client for Mac OS X, which they can neither download as a demo from IBM nor from their own IT department. The reactions I see so far are very positive.

As long as your software is available on the torrent, by definition it is not dead. ;-)


IBM seems to ignore the Mac community, but it's good to see it out there on torrents. The new client is much better then the 6.5.5 (build was over 2 yrs ago), though I have had some lockup issues on a Macbook pro when it went to sleep. The speed is the biggest improvement for sure, along with the ability to scroll the window from a mouse or touchpad.

Finally a nice build for Mac people... I can see more IT departments going to Mac, as the TOC is lower when you factor in support costs.

Bryan McDade, 2006-12-26

speed has improved from what I was able to see without compromising on other compatibility issues.

When does anybody in IBM realize they are missing out on iSync??? Probably not due in any release in this millenium ... :-(

When syncing separately (Win: Notes, OS X: iCal), all the birthday settings are multiplied each and every time. The other duplicates are detected (most of the time).

Armin Roth, 2006-12-26

Please make it on Versionstracker available....

Thank You.
Btw. Is it possible to update from 6.5.5 directly?

marco foellmer, 2006-12-26

and please integrate spotlight...

marco foellmer, 2006-12-26

Spotlight cannot be integrated. It works on individual files within the filesystem. If it could read Notes databases, it could only tell you, which database the search term is in. And then you have ACLs, encryption and what not.

Apple went from the mbox format to individual files for each email to support Spotlight. Do you want to give up NSF for Spotlight support?

Volker Weber, 2006-12-27

I guess that a Spotlight plugin could be written, that triggers the indexing process when a Notes document is saved in the database. But then I'm no Apple developer and haven't looked at the API docs.

Any Apple developers out there to do something like that?

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2006-12-27

As far as I am aware, Google Desktop Search on Windows maanages to index the NSF files, so unless there is something fundamentally different about Spotlight, the same should be possible on OSX?

Stuart McIntyre, 2006-12-28

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