Perfect time

by Volker Weber

... for a press release. If you want nobody to notice, that is. It's even dated to come out on the weekend. Which makes it almost invisible. Update: It is invisible.


...even more so in that the release is dated November 30, 2006. Which makes it almost one month old. Ehm...

Konstantin Klein, 2006-12-29

Hang on, that's not the press release -- that article has been on the Lotus home page for weeks (since, well, November 30). I linked to it the day the Mac client went eGA.

There -was- a media alert yesterday, though I can't find that on or on the wires. The timing could have been better and I would have liked it to include a customer quote.

There was resulting coverage:
- Infoworld
- Mac Daily News

Ed Brill, 2006-12-29

Konstantin, you are right. I mixed up the months. As Ed explained however, there was a press release, but nobody can find it. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-12-29

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