New toy: Fritz!Box

by Volker Weber

Sometimes I need to play with stuff. Yesterday I built the poll into my website, today it was network setup day. I first repaired Alex' network and then re-architected my own. New on the team is a Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7050 router between the DSL network and the 'real' router, a Collax Business Server.


What does the Fritz!Box do, that the old setup can't? Two features: VoIP, and clever line management. With its VoIP feature, my US phone number is now permanently connected to a phone in my office. First I wanted to tie it into the ISDN infrastructure, but my very old POTS is confused if the Fritz!Box talks to the ISDN line. Now it just connects an analog phone to my VoIP service from Free World Dialup. Then there is IPkall which attaches a regular phone number to the service. If you need to call me from the US, check out my contact page for a Redmond phone number.

The line management is mostly a local issue. We get disconnected every 24 hours from DSL, at which time the router just reconnects and fetches a new IP address. The Fritz!Box just moves that disconnect into the 5am to 6am timeframe so it does not happen when you are working. If you do work from 5am to 6am, you can adjust the time. ;-)

A big thanks to Stefan who not only parted with the Fritz!Box but also provided enough guidance to steer clear through the daunting CBS setup.


would be nice if the site was geared for english speaking chaps like me..!!

joe djamasi, 2007-01-04

ooops sorry found what i was looking for...

joe djamasi, 2007-01-04

Volker, I thought you had a BenHur2 Server as well...? not any more? how did TIS parts (and WLAN Parts) work together?!

Henrik Heigl, 2007-01-04

CBS is the artist formerly known as BenHur2.

Volker Weber, 2007-01-04

I just upgraded from ADSL 6000 to ADSL2+ 16000. My about 30 month old Fritz!Box Fon just needed an firmware update to handle ADSL2+, which wasn't available at the time, the box has been built. This is really great!

Which kind of hardware has you updated to a new protocol, standard or whatever, which has been defined after the production date of the hardware, and had absolutely no problems?

And sure, it can VOIP, too. Just plug and play.

I really love the Fritz!Box (and AVM for still supporting it with new firmware).

Just my 0.02$

Thomas Bahn, 2007-01-04

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