The Man of 100 Voices

by Volker Weber

I don't know most of the cartoon characters, but I can tell this guy is really good. I also enjoyed this guitar player immensely. Yes, he does know how to play the guitar. ;-)

[via Markus]


Andy is a great performer indeed. I ordered his CD some time ago and haven't looked back since. It's hands down the best music I listened to during all of 2006.

Kay Satirli, 2007-01-05

As a guitarist of 13 years, that IS beautiful indeed. Thanks for sharing - wow! There was a guy who came to Winthrop University about 5 years ago who played like him. He would do a lot of two-handed tapping like the first video you linked. Amazing stuff - I wish I had hours a day to devote to practicing...

And here is another one where he has long hair and possibly the weirdest guitar ever! Looks like it's a double-neck acoustic guitar and acoustic bass...

Chris Whisonant, 2007-01-05

If you like good guitar players you should search for "Antoine Dufour" and "Don Ross" in YouToube:)

Sebastian Rink, 2007-01-05

41st is the best.

Dirk Mueller, 2007-01-05

Strongbad FTW. (48. and related characters for the next few) This guy's great.

Kevan Emmott, 2007-01-05

One of my favorites: the last encore of the Montreux '81 concert. Ok, not Andy Mckee but anyway, it definitely rocks :-)

Helmar Steinberg, 2007-01-05

Another great guitarist who also uses percussive techniques.

Chris Hudson, 2007-01-07

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