Child labor

by Volker Weber

Yuri has posted an interesting piece of furniture that I have never seen before.


Someone had to clean the dishes. ;)

Roger Bistly, 2007-01-07

Den Messerblock neben dem Waschbecken?

LG von einem Vater mit zwei Töchtern ;-)

Yves Luther, 2007-01-07

Der sieht ja spannend aus!
Hat den Turm schon jemand bei einem deutschen Händler gesehen?
Ich finde im Web unter "Learning Tower" nur US Händler.

Frank Michel, 2007-01-07

Nur einen in England.

Volker Weber, 2007-01-07

Oh boy, I didn't even know you were watching my flickr stream, Volker!

The piece of furniture is new to me too, we just got it. Very helpful when there is a little one in the house that insists on doing everything grown-ups do. No more painful falls from a chair!

Yury Kats, 2007-01-08

Have done since before your little one was born. Though I am frustrated at times that I cannot read or understand Russian. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2007-01-08

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