Lotusphere bloggers

by Volker Weber

The developerWorks Lotusphere page lists quite some blogs. Since I was wondering which they selected and which they did not, I set out to count the number of posts in the last 30 days:

Ed wins this one hands down.


I claim a foul!

Yes - Ed does post a *lot*, but most of the rest of us were taking the festive season off...


Anywise: "Never mind the quality, feel the width" is no something I'd usually hear you say ?

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2007-01-10

I have no problem with the winner's quality. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2007-01-10

As for Julian I believe that I have been keeping him busy with the podcasts :-)

Bruce Elgort, 2007-01-10

vowe: I think that they selected these as they are also speakers. I wonder what the same analysis would do to those listed on my blog rolls. But let me ask this - Does Ed get more flexibility in blogging than the rest of us? That is, does IBM encourage him to blog, while for the rest of us, it could get us dooced for blogging on "company time?"

Gregg Eldred, 2007-01-10

Gregg, I tried to send you mail, both from here and GMail but was bounced:

SMTP error from remote server after transfer of mail text:host nextstep-gw.n2net.net[]:554 Message rejected for policy reasons.

Can you please provide me with an alternate address for yourself?

Volker Weber, 2007-01-10

I must say too many nasty things about IBM on my blog :-D

Carl Tyler, 2007-01-10

@Carl - lol. On the other hand, I say too many nasty things about too many things altogether on my blog. heh...

Rob McDonagh, 2007-01-10

Carl - An oversight, I'm sure. I just sent a note off to see if we can get it fixed.

Adam Gartenberg, 2007-01-10

@Rob, Isn't that what blogs are for? I must have missed the memo :-)

Carl Tyler, 2007-01-10

So what is your conclusion?

Why did they select these blogs and not for example:
Scott Good
Nathan T. Freeman
John Head
Rob Novak
Rob Wunderlich

Vince Schuurman, 2007-01-10

The blogs are not selected by IBM. It is a self-nomination process. IBM has no way of knowing what bloggers are going to be in attendance, I will forward Volker the email invite, and anyone else that wants it please email me and I will send it to you. I already did this for one blogger left off, and he is now on there.

There is nothing nefarious afoot on the part of IBM (at least this time;-))

Christopher Byrne, 2007-01-10

@Chris: Wouldn't it make sense for someone to mention that somewhere? And include a way for people to self-nominate?

I'm not suggesting anything nefarious, but the current method does give the appearance of either an "old boys' network" (which is probably accurate, since there was an email sent to a certain subset) or a set of unidentified selection criteria. My name is on the page (in Julian's entry), but is not a link, probably because the person who added that entry didn't know I have a blog. The assumption some bloggers will make (I did) is that there is some specific reason why their names are not (linked) on the page.

And yes, we all know what happens when we assume...

Rob McDonagh, 2007-01-10

...and of course, as I post that, I see that thanks to my own personal "old boys' network" (thanks, Bruce, Old Boy!), they have quickly added my blog as well.

The point still stands, though. There should be a straightforward way to get involved on that page, if that's the intent. If the intent is to be selective, then the criteria is subject to public critique (and whinging, natch!)...

Rob McDonagh, 2007-01-10

Here is how it went down, as far as I know. Last year, the announcement went out in the BP forum. If you were not in that forum, you did not know unless you heard of word of mouth.

This year, IBM sent an email to people who owned blogs that were listed last year. That was their reference point. They have to know you are there to contact you, and is that their responsibility?

Christopher Byrne, 2007-01-10

Speaking of Lotusphere bloggers... who will be providing the best coverage of the OGS?
Vowe was right about macrumor's excellent coverage of Jobs' keynote yesterday. Anyone building similar technology for Orlando?

Ken Bisconti, 2007-01-10

@Chris: Is it their responsibility to know I exist? No. But what you're describing is fundamentally an "old boys' network" - exactly as I expected. It is a collaboration technique that is diametrically opposed to the social networking phenomenon that is blogging, isn't it? There are ways to find out who is a Domino blogger, many of them run by those same bloggers (SnTT, Dominoblogs.com) and others that are blogging "standards" and are applicable to all subsections of the blogosphere (Technorati tags jump to mind).

Rob McDonagh, 2007-01-10

Rob & Chris, you have already figured it out. IBM needs to post instructions on that page on how to get involved.

Ken, the MacRumors IRC channel is a stopgap measure after Apple stopped providing a life stream from the Stevenote. Two questions: can IBM deliver something like a Stevenote and has IBM considered providing a life stream?

Volker Weber, 2007-01-10

There won't be a live stream (need to edit to optimize the visuals and demos for web viewers). Sounds like an opportunity for bloggers to me ;-)

I'm also not sure what your expectations are for a "Stevenote" but I can promise you there will be no Lotus TVs.

Ken Bisconti, 2007-01-10

I will be live blogging the Opening Session, I've done this for the past few years. While it might not be the same as an IRC channel it's been popular in the past.

Here's a post on how to Live Blog using a Domino based blog : http://www.qtzar.com/blogs/qtzar.nsf/d6plinks/DLYH-6XC2T6

Declan Lynch, 2007-01-11

Ken, I am pretty sure you know what makes a Stevenote.

The irony is that Declan Lynch has live blogged the most sessions over the past three years at Lotusphere and his blog doesn't (automagically) get to appear on the developerWorks site.

Volker Weber, 2007-01-11

What was cool about the Apple keynote was that the stream of comments was auto-refresh...and there were constant-enough comments that each refresh brought something new. Me, Declan, Mooney, Miller, whomever live-blogging the Lotusphere OGS on our blogs won't resonate the same way because they are still ultimately (frequently-updated) static pages.

Ed Brill, 2007-01-11

@Ken - interestingly enough we will have podcasts (Bruce/Julian and I) and I usually continually refresh and save as the event goes on throughout the morning

Chris Miller, 2007-01-11

Volker, clearly you have too much spare time :)

Jack Dausman, 2007-01-11

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