Low, fast, and unconfigured for landing

by Volker Weber

23 March Ryanair Boeing 737-800 (EI-DHX) Knock airport, Ireland -/- 6/138 L

A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 on approach to Knock airport, Ireland, “only marginally avoided” controlled flight into terrain, according to the Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit(AAIU) report on the incident. The AAIU says the principal cause was that, during an ILS approach to runway 27 from which the crew were planning to break off to carry out a circling approach to the reciprocal runway, both pilots fixated on reprogramming the FMC while the aircraft continued its descent. When the aircraft emerged from the cloudbase it was low, fast, and unconfigured for landing. They had originally programmed it for an NDB approach for 09. A contributory cause was a “systemic failure” at the airline and at chart supplier Jeppesen, which meant the pilots did not have up-to-date information about the navigational aids at Knock.

Systemic failure, ugh.



"Knock, Knock, Knocking on heavens door....."


---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2007-01-11

But fortunately nobody opened the gate, Bill ...

Cem Basman, 2007-01-11

"Unconfigured for landing?" Where do people get those phrases?

"Sorry, honey, not tonight, I am unconfigured for . . . "

Gregg Eldred, 2007-01-11

So basically they kinda forgot that they were in the middle of landing and were distracted with something else. Wonderful !

Eileen Fitzgerald, 2007-01-11

Did they watch the keynote or similar ;-)

Heiko Müller, 2007-01-11

"Unconfigured for landing?" Where do people get those phrases?

If normal peoplewould understand what pilots are talking about, they would be like a bus driver. Until now pilots were able to make you think, that they are all superhumans with x-ray vision and incredible good looks. You don't want to spoil the fun, do you.

Christian Tillmanns, 2007-01-12

Auch schön: Plane landed at wrong airport

Frank Michel, 2007-01-12

Re Frank's link:

EIRJET regret to inform you that we have ceased operations with immediate effect.

I'll bet.

Ed Brill, 2007-01-12

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