Are you a Sales Master?

by Volker Weber


I think I actually have that sales "cert", at least from 2 years ago or so - all I did was answer EVERYTHING "Workplace" and I passed!

Chris Toohey, 2007-01-11

ditto :P

Vince Schuurman, 2007-01-11

I think this is the 201 cert? I did this a while ago. Even reading the supporting learning materials I found in my mind the lines between the products lines were fairly blurred/confused. Still I passed it, twice!

Jason Hook, 2007-01-12

I think you can't flunk it. I passed it twice and had no idea of about 80% of the questions. And that was my passing score, too.

Christian Tillmanns, 2007-01-12

<sarcasm>Isn't that what sales is all about?</sarcasm>

Ragnar Schierholz, 2007-01-12

P.S.: See here for "proof" (actually the following posts up to today are about this as well ;-)).

Ragnar Schierholz, 2007-01-12

I am, i am. Didn't passed the first try ... but the second which is the last chance then for six month ;-)

Frank Mueller, 2007-01-12

I am, and so is the wife ;-)

It's actually a very handy exam if you're trying to up your BP status!

Warren Elsmore, 2007-01-12


In fact I have that one and the Websphere Sales Mastery: It cover almost all the integration products and a los of SOA concepts. BTW I had 94% in that one :-)


Alex Hernandez, 2007-01-12

I wonder what the right answer is to this question? But I am sure about the wrong answers ;-)

Alexander Kluge, 2007-01-12

It only gets better. :-)

Volker Weber, 2007-01-12

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