Interview with Eric Houvengale from Ytria

by Bruce Elgort

Earlier this week Julian Robichaux and I recorded a podcast with Eric Houvenaghel from Ytria. We talked about their "EZ" line of products that help make life easier for Lotus Notes and Domino application developers and Eric also talks about several "urban myths" about Lotus Notes development.

On Tuesday you can hear an interview with Integra4Notes, on Wednesday a talk with IBM and VoiceRite about unified messaging and Sametime 7.5, and on Friday an interview with Declan Lynch about Blogsphere V3. During Lotusphere 2007 we will be publishing daily podcasts from the show including an interview with Mary Beth Raven and Jeff Eisen.

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I look forward to listening Bruce (little bust right now with that Lotusphere gig coming up!). I've been a long time promoter of the Ytria line, these folks do great work. Thank you again to both you and Julian (and all others involved in Talking Notes) you are wonderful embassadors and evangelists for Lotus, and I truly appreciate it.

Alan Lepofsky, 2007-01-15

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