We not only have TV

by Volker Weber

From my Lotusphere invitation:

Ssssh. Some of us even have mobile phones, and know how to send text messages. Not the Finnish though. They are still making rubber boots. Or do they?


Well Vowe, should you be asking me (as a Finn), I should say yes: they in fact got started with rubber foot wear. But hey, how about this one: they (http://www.transportation.siemens.com/ts/de/pub/products/lm.htm) once got the same idea...

Sami Vuorinen, 2007-01-16

Sami, I really should be starting with some sarcasm tags. ;-)

So let me explain it to you: The US is a developing country in mobile communications, when compared to your country. There was a reason I picked you as an example.

The headline refers to an American who said in an argument with me: "If you had TV, you would know that ...". The name Manfred von Ardenne did not ring a bell.

Volker Weber, 2007-01-16

No pun intended - just could not resist the temptation, that´s all... ;-)

Sami Vuorinen, 2007-01-16

Oh, Manfred, of course, how could you... ;-)

Philipp Sury, 2007-01-16

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