Mac Office 2008 Screenshots

by Volker Weber


Volker, you never do anything without there being a point to it, so what's the reason for the screenshot?

Personally, whilst Word 2008 looks pretty, I was hoping for a more revolutionary look and feel than M$ is currently suggesting we'll get...

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-01-18

Seems that the ribbon from Office 2007 isn't quite making the move.

Ted Hardenburgh, 2007-01-18

It's just me, or Microsoft didn't talk or show anything about Entourage 2008 (besides « My Day ») ? After all, this is the part of Office that need some improvments (especially as an Exchange client...).

Pascal Robert, 2007-01-18

more stuff to block the view of important items? duh. I´m not impressed. Just more stuff to get out of my way.

Armin Roth, 2007-01-18

Looks nice, However I AM glad they made it into windows but I want one window with everything in the floating panel Annoys me!

Jamie Saunders, 2007-02-22

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